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​​​​​Welcome to Little Voices Publishing!

​We are excited to announce the  publication of our first title, Sally the Sad Shape​, written by Rebecka Ratcliffe and illustrated by Steve Ogden.

Sally is in a sad mood, and no matter what she does, she can’t seem to shake it!  Sally tries everything to change her mood, but it takes a new friend to help her see things differently.
This book is the first in the Moodrangles series, books dedicated to honoring the complex emotional lives of very small people.

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​​​Watch me open the proof of Sally the Sad Shape!

How did the Moodrangles come about?

One day, my kindergarten aged daughter was having a tough time.  She drew a picture at the kitchen table--all of the geometric shapes she knows, with little unhappy faces like Sally the Sad Shape.  It was a little heart-breaking from my normally sunny girl, but our conversation went like this:

"What's wrong?"
"I don't know, Mama.  I'm sad."
"Did something happen?"
"No, I'm just sad."
"Okay.  That happens sometimes."

Drawing the picture and having that conversation seemed to help.  She didn't feel like her mood was wrong, or needed to be fixed.  She felt understood.  That's what the Moodrangles are about--the complex and varied range of emotions in children.  Read one with a child you love today!

​Sally the Sad Shape​  is available from Amazon and other fine retailers, or personalized direct from the author.  Look for the next book, ​Seamus the Shy Squiggle​  later this year!